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Cara menggunakan slave-skip-errors mysql – Hi om dan tante semua, Terima Kasih sudah berkunjung ke blog ini. Di hari yang cerah ini, kami di web Trend Wisata akan menampilkan Q&A yang keren yang akan menunjukkan tentang Cara menggunakan slave-skip-errors mysql. Ini dia ibu dan bapak menyimaknya berikut ini:

I’m migrating a cluster that has the following set for slave-skip-errors:

slave-skip-errors = 0,1062,1053,1051

Of course, as these things go, nobody knows why it was setup like this or who did it, or if they’re even with the company. I also know why NOT to put slave-skip-errors of any kind, but I am totally clueless as to the “0”. The
replication I’m setting up will not have any slave-skip-errors.

Looking at I can find all the codes that are skipped. I can only assume that the zero is a sort of catch-all for slave-skip-errors? My google-fu is not so strong on this one, I can’t really find an answer to my question, so I’m hoping that
some MySQL guru here will be able to confirm or deny the 0, and if it in fact does anything.


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There shouldn’t be any of these, this configuration directive should be set to default (not ignoring any of the errors). As simple as that. And if I were you
– I would reinitialize the whole replica. It’s almost inevitably out of sync, on logical level.

This urban legend (setting non-default slave-skip-errors) comes out of two things:

  • lack of understanding how the replication works
  • the funny fact that MySQL doesn’t set replica to read-only by default, so any clients that still connect to it (due to stale connection descriptors, or stuck connection poolers) may easily damage it. So every replica probably needs to be read-only, unless
    there’s a cyclic chain replication (from my point of view – another nonsense) or at least definitive understanding why it should be read-write.

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Duplicate entry for key primary pada php mysql artinya field atau kolom database sudah terisi dengan id atau key yang sama dan kolom tersebut disetting uniq dimana isi dari field tersebut harus berbeda dan tidak boleh sama. Karena hal tersebutlah kamu akan menemukan error duplicate entry for primary key.

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  • How do I fix a
    duplicate entry in MySQL replication?
  • How do you skip errors in replication?
  • How do I skip transactions on Gtid replication?
  • How do I fix MySQL error 1062?

Hal ini sering terjadi saat kamu melakukan relasi antar table ketika mengambil atau memanggil id primary key ke table foreign
key. Berdasarkan pengalaman saya yang memiliki table provinis dan kota dimana di table kota saya mau mengambil id provinsi, dimana disetiap kota tentu memiliki id provinsi yang sama. Nah saat inilah saya mengalami error duplicate entry.

Setelah cari kesana-kemari dan
tidak menemukan hal yang susuai dengan yang dinginkan, saya berfikir bahawa field ini uniq makanya tidak bisa diisi dengan key atau id yang sama. Akhirnya saya coba-coba untuk otak-atik dan akhirnya berhasil. Berikut cara mengatasi error duplicate entry for key primary di php mysqli yang bisa kamu coba

Mengatasi Duplicate Entry for Key Primary PHP MYSQL

1. Silahkan pergi ke
localhost/phpmyadmin/namadatabasemu/tableforeignkey/ kamu bisa lihat disana bahwa foreign key id_kanwil disetting uniq statusnya YES berarti field itu tidak bisa kamu isi dengan data yang sama harus uniq dan beda, jadi aku coba untuk ganti.

2. Silahkan klik
tombol edit
pada field yang ingin kita rubah.

3. nanti akan muncul jendela baru, pada index choice kamu ganti uniq menjadi INDEX dan klik Go untuk menyimpan perubahan.

4. Nah seakarang kamu bisa lihat bahwa field id_kanwil sudah berubah status menjadi NO dan kamu sudah bisa isi dengan data atau entry yang sama dan tetap bisa direlasikan menjadi foreign key.

Bagi saya cara ini bisa mengatasi masalah duplicate entry yang saya alami, semoga cara ini juga berhasil pada kamu yang mendapati pesan error yang sama dengan saya. Jika pesan error ini terjadi saat kamu import database berarti data juga sudah ada pada database dan kamu bisa
lakukan hapus isi table database.

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Hal ini berlaku bagi kalian yang ingin memasukkan id atau key yang sama dalam satu field atau kolom database. Sekian dari saya seputar pembahasa duplicate entry for key primary pada php mysql semoga artikel ini dapat membantu kamu yang lagi kebingungan seputar ini.

Jika kamu punya cara lain bisa memberikan masukkan dan saran dikolom komentar  atau masih bingung
bisa tulis dan coret-coret disana biar kita saling belajar dan membahasnya bersama-sama. Kalau kalian merasa terbantu silahkan share biar makin banyak yang tahu dan terbantu.

August 22, 2018 MySQL-MariaDB

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  • How do I fix a duplicate entry in MySQL replication?
  • How do you skip errors in replication?
  • How do I skip transactions on Gtid replication?
  • How do I fix MySQL error

In a Master/Slave replication data consistency is a biggest concern and is very easy  to break your replication with  issues such as duplicate keys, missing rows , accidental writes from application connected to the slave or even by a DBA connected to the slave 🙁 “yes things happen” .

1. read_only

When the read_only system variable is enabled, the server permits no client updates except from users who have
theSUPER privilege. This variable is disabled by default.

It’s a good practice then to set read_only=1 on slave servers to prevent any (accidental) writes.

Unfortunately users with the SUPER privilege can override the setting and could still run DML queries.

  2. super_read_only

However, since Percona Server 5.6.21 and MySQL 5.7.8, you can use the super_read_only feature
to extend the read_only  option and apply it to users with SUPER privileges. If the   super_read_only=1 the server prohibits client updates even from users who have SUPER.

3. temporary use of slave-skip-errors

With slave-skip-errors you can make the replication slave ignore certain error codes (you can find the list of MySQL error codes here: Server
Error Codes and Messages)

Example : the purpose of the example below is to temporary skip error

  • 1062 : Duplicate entry ‘%s’ for key %d
  • 1054 : Unknown column ‘%s’ in ‘%s’




Caution : Do not use this option unless you fully understand why you are getting errors. If there are no bugs in your replication setup and client programs, and no bugs in MySQL itself, an error that stops replication should never occur. Indiscriminate use of this option results in slaves becoming hopelessly out of sync with the master, with you having no idea why this has occurred.

Here are a couple bugs to consider on Percona Server

  • set –read_only on when –super_read_only is used as a command line option
    Fixed on Percona Server 5.6.26-74.0
  • MySQL aborts when you enable super_read_only with read_only
    Fixed on Percona Server 5.6.26-74.0
  • super_read_only mode breaks replication with some queries
    Fixed on Percona Server 5.6.28-76.1

For more information, please check following links:


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Normally MySQL replication will stop whenever there is an error running a query on the slave. This happens in order for us to be able to
identify the problem and fix it, and keep the data consistent with the mater that has sent the query. You can skip such errors, even if this is not recommended, as long as you know really well what are those queries and why they are failing, etc.

For example you can skip just one query that is hanging the slave using:


“1062 | Error ‘Duplicate entry ‘xyz’ for key 1′ on query. Default database: ‘db’. Query: ‘INSERT INTO …”There might be cases where
you will want to skip more queries. For example you might want to skip all duplicate errors you might be getting (output from show slave status;):

If you are sure that skipping those errors will not bring your slave inconsistent and you want to skip them ALL, you would add to your my.cnf:

slave-skip-errors = 1062

As shown above in my example 1062 is the error you would want to skip, and from here we have: _ Error: 1062
SQLSTATE: 23000 (ER_DUP_ENTRY) Message: Duplicate entry ‘%s’ for key %d_

You can skip also other type of errors, but again don’t do this unless you understand very well what those queries are and what impact they have on your data:


and for the error codes you can see them all here … (you will see them in your _show slave statu_s; also).

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How do
I fix a duplicate entry in MySQL replication?

Try to locate duplicate entry and delete that entry from slave DB. Once you have deleted the old entry then execute stop slave and then start slave on slave DB. Most probably replication will start again and come back to normal. If it gets stuck again for same error for some other record then repeat same steps.

How do you skip errors in replication?

You should first try one
of these: How To Repair MySQL Replication or use the replicate-ignore-db or replicate-ignore-table statements in the slave’s my. cnf file to skip replication for databases/database tables that cause replication to fail (if you don’t need replication for these databases/database tables).

How do I skip transactions on Gtid replication?

We can skip a error in GTID based replication by following steps:
STOP SLAVE; set GTID_NEXT=’SERVER_UUID:LAST_TRANSACTION_NUMBER+1′ ; BEGIN; COMMIT; SET GTID_NEXT=”AUTOMATIC”; START SLAVE; But if a replication is running with channel information, than how to skip the transaction for a particular channel ?

How do I fix MySQL error 1062?

1062 – Duplicate Entry To solve this, Set the primary key column as AUTO_INCREMENT . And when you are trying to insert a new row, ignore the primary key
column or insert NULL value to primary key.

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